Men’s & Women’s Prayer Rooms Sign

This is a large temporary sign on a banner indicating the location of the men’s and women’s prayer rooms in a local mall here in Jeddah. I’m fond of the figures used to distinguish men from women on this sign. The Arabic script below the female figure says “Female Prayer Room” and the script under the male figure says “Male Prayer Room.” Just about every mall here in Saudi Arabia has designated areas where shoppers can wash up and perform prayers. Stores must close for all the five prayer times during the day, and many shops in the mall actually stay closed most of the afternoon instead of opening and closing several times, and then they just stay open until later in the evening.

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Men’s & Women’s Prayer Rooms Sign

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  2. susie kurniasih says:

    Hi Susie …we have same name.
    I have a plan will work and live in Jeddah next year. I am looking for information about Jeddah, and I found your blog. I am very glad that your blog is very helpful

  3. mabsootah says:

    I love things like this that show that both sexes wear head coverings… I think it’s good to show people how cultural the head coverings are! 🙂

  4. Judy says:

    This sign needs no words to understand what it says. I like the drawings and color of the sign. Susie, do you speak Arabic?

    • Hi Judy – I speak a little Arabic, but not much! When I first met husband at the University of Arizona more than three decades ago, I tried to learn some Arabic. I do still remember what I learned way back then, but I find now that it is very difficult for me to retain new words like I used to. I really thought language would be more of a problem here than it has turned out to be, but it seems everyone here wants to practise their English with me. The only times when I wish I could speak more Arabic is mainly at family functions when I do feel a little left out of conversations. I can pick up words here and there and sometimes figure out what the topice of conversation is, but sometimes I’m way off!

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