Ultra Modern Mall Business

Many Saudi businesses present a very hi-tech ultra modern image. I think this one does it quite successfully. By the way, this shot was taken at about 3pm, when most businesses everywhere else in the world are open. However here in KSA, all businesses are required to close for each of the five daily prayers, so many businesses just stay closed all afternoon instead of closing and opening several times. They usually open up then in the late afternoon and stay open until pretty late at night.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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2 Responses to Ultra Modern Mall Business

  1. Najla says:

    Hi, love your photo journal.

    Just wanted to say that actually the reason shops are closed during the afternoon is the hot sun and tradition, not because of the prayers.

    Most of the daily activities are arranged when the heat is somewhat manageable– so from early morning to late morning, and then from sunset onwards. Traditionally, businesses close during the hottest period of the day (afternoon), mainly because nobody wants to be out in the stifling afternoon heat!

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