Neon and a Mysterious Sign

Many buildings here are outlined in neon or lit up in a wash of colored light. I like the way it makes the city come alive at night and it changes the whole feel of the place. One thing I didn’t notice about this image until I got it home and up on the computer was the big green sign on top of the building, facing the neighboring building. I don’t think many people passing by can actually see it, much less read it, except maybe the people who live in the top floor of the building next door. What purpose would that serve?


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Neon and a Mysterious Sign

  1. ArchAsh says:

    Assalam Alaikom. I’m a silent fan of your blog as it is a chance to remember my first days of my life when I was being raised in Jeddah.

    I can read the word (Al-Waha = the oasis) in the middle of the phrase. The content of the green sign is same to the content of the brass one above the building (under the mobile phone antenna), but the resolution is not enough for reading the right and left words. It will be better to take a larger photo. But here is a first suggestion for the sign content : Alwaha Contracting Establishment (Mo’assasat Al-Waha Lelmoqawalat) (مؤسسة الواحة للمقاولات)

  2. M says:

    Maybe the building on the right was built after the sign was already put up and no one has bothered to move it?

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