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Art Shop

This sign designates the location of an artist and calligrapher’s shop.

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Nuts and Seeds Shop

This is a shop that sells mostly snack items, like seeds, nuts, and chips. The tall glass bins visible are filled with different types of snack items and are sold in bulk.

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Waiting for Business

If you look closely in this photo, you can see three men sitting outside these shops. More than likely they are shopkeepers waiting for customers to come along. This is a very common sight here in Jeddah, but you will … Continue reading

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Game Store Sign

This is a large business sign that extends across the entire width of the shop. Many of the business signs here are done in colorful images that indicate the products or services offered. Game shops here are abundant and their … Continue reading

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It’s a Date!

Dates come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Some are quite dry, hard, or chewy, and others are moist, sticky or gooey. There are hundreds of varieties of dates and they are very popular here in Saudi Arabia, eaten … Continue reading

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Neon and a Mysterious Sign

Many buildings here are outlined in neon or lit up in a wash of colored light. I like the way it makes the city come alive at night and it changes the whole feel of the place. One thing I … Continue reading

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Detailed Home Decor

I love the elaborately painted details on this small table and the footstool next to it, as well as the carved out design on both of them. Seems to be more Moroccan design than Middle Eastern.

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Lox and Bagel in KSA

I love bagels, but they are not that easy to find in Saudi Arabia. So when I saw a Lox and Bagel plate offered on Teayana’s breakfast menu, I went for it. I was not disappointed. Although the bagel wasn’t … Continue reading

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Lighted Mosque Minaret

I have featured many mosque minarets on this blog (I have a “thing” for them), but I don’t believe I have ever seen one like this one before – the pointed top section is totally illuminated from the inside.

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Islamic Boardgame for Children

“The Path” bills itself as the “best game ever made for Muslim children.” It combines the mechanics of a board game with trying to teach children about Islam and Islamic family values. It seems to be similar to the Game … Continue reading

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