Camel Dung

Ok, I know this is probably a little gross or distasteful, but I thought some of you might be interested in seeing what camel dung actually looks like. I remember years ago being fascinated with a show on the Discovery Channel called “The Wonderful World of Dung,” which talked about many different creatures’ waste products. (Great program, if you ever have a chance to see it!) Camel poop is actually smaller than you would think for coming from such a large animal – pellets about the size of a small chicken egg. It is so lacking in moisture that it can be burned as fuel fresh from the camel – without it having to dry out! Natives in many of the outlying areas where camels are native, like the Middle East and Africa, use camel dung as cooking fuel. It is very slow burning and burns virtually smokeless. I had to carefully watch my step when I was out in the desert getting these photos for you – it was everywhere!
Here is a link to a really interesting true story about the discovery of how ingesting fresh camel dung prevents dysentery!


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6 Responses to Camel Dung

  1. Mac says:

    I recall, while stationed in Saudi, how the poop ‘crackled’ when I drove over some on the highways, When that happened where you couldn’t see what was around a curve or over a hill – slow down. There might still be camels ahead!
    In fact I’m using camel poop reference in one of my short stories.

  2. Sophia says:

    Excellent article!

  3. claire says:

    this is super helpful to me and my school thanks i really leared about camel shit

  4. Dina says:

    Ah yes, now I remember that sight. At Heifer Ranch ( in Arkansas I used to feed our two or three camels. When workcampers came, we used to go into the pasture and poop-scoop, trucking the dung to the compost heap.
    Thanks for the info about the usefulness of camel poop. But since I’m reading this over breakfast, I think I’ll wait till later to read your link. 🙂

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