Family Parking

Here in Saudi Arabia, the sexes are strictly segregated. Almost all restaurants have a separate entrance and eating area for families, and another entrance and eating area for men who are unaccompanied by women. All the weddings I have been to have been attended by women only – the men have their own spearate affair, often on a completely different day and location. Young men are restricted from entering many malls here in Saudi Arabia unless they are accompanied by female family members. This is a sign in a mall parking lot. My opinion is that this strict segregation of the sexes is carried to such an extreme here that it causes many men (and maybe even some women) to be obsessed with sex all the time. A fellow blogger here in KSA, a young Saudi woman named Omaima Al Najjar, recently wrote about a frightening experience she had when the religious police swarmed down on her and accused her of immoral behavior by having a clandestine meeting with an unrelated man.

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3 Responses to Family Parking

  1. Judy says:

    What a frightening story! She is a brave woman for sure and I wish her all the best.

  2. Sari says:

    I have a feeling that every foreigner/visitor (especially from western societies) living or coming to Saudi Arabia are familiar with banners that says: “للعوائل فقط” or “ممنوع الشباب”.

    For those who haven’t seen it or unfamiliar with the Arabic language, the first one means “Families Only” and the second one means “No men allowed”.

    And for those who don’t know, whenever you see a sign that says “للعوائل فقط” or “Families Only”, It means that you and another female (most probably a family member and/or if you’re married, your wife, or your date/girlfriend) could go inside that place (restaurant, mall, theme park.. etc) but you can’t go inside all alone! well, unless you work there. (DUH!) lol 😉

    Wallahi (I swear) this is one of the most annoying things in our country. even I, as a Saudi, can’t stand to see these signs and hate to be restricted to go into a mall as a single guy whenever I want to go shopping alone! It always bothers me how ladies and young girls are allowed to go into malls or whatever but we aren’t. call it a crazy weird world!


    “My opinion is that this strict segregation of the sexes is carried to such an extreme here that it causes many men (and maybe even some women) to be obsessed with sex all the time.”

    I totally agree with you on that and sadly speaking, many guys and a smaller percentage of girls (especially teenagers) have changed their sexual preference to release that bottled up sexual energy because its easier for them to blend in and communicate with the same sex, and for that same reason (the strict segregation of the sexes) some individuals don’t know how to deal with the opposite sex! it sometimes could be fear, other times it could be social shyness.


    As for the link you provided to Omaima’s post, I have NO COMMENT! 😦

    No wait, I left a comment on her blog. 🙂

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