Saudi Gaudy Style

Since I moved to KSA, many times I have heard the ornate formal styles preferred by most Saudis referred to as “Saudi Gaudy.” This would be a typical example of that. Lots of intricate fancy details, almost too elegant to dare sit on – which isn’t really a problem because it’s not very comfortable either. I prefer more casual and cozy!

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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7 Responses to Saudi Gaudy Style

  1. latinmuslimah says:

    looks absolutely tacky to me…

  2. Leif Hagen says:

    I’d feel like a prince using a sofa like that one! So glad you’re back doing your Jeddah CDP blog again, Susie!

  3. Bryan says:

    The Persians leave this kind of leftover junk in the alley here.
    It’s called Discards From The Persian Palace.

  4. Jana says:

    I’ve sat on chairs and couches similar to that and this type of furniture is uncomfortable, it encourages bad posture IMO. I much prefer my comfy micro fiber couch, it doesn’t look like $5000 but it’s great to sit on.

  5. Gunn says:

    Looks ROYAL to me.

  6. Gaelyn says:

    Does look rather uninviting. I like the term, Saudi Gaudy

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