City Daily Photo – Electricity

At night, the city of Jeddah comes alive with colored lighting everywhere. Ordinary buildings that just seem to fade into the background during the day suddenly stand out and seemingly cry for attention. My theory is that this has to do with Saudi Arabia being an evening society – many businesses are closed all afternoon and then stay open until late at night. This is especially true during Ramadan, when many Saudis switch their days and nights since they are required to fast during the daytime.

City Daily Photo features photo blogs of cities all around the world. The first day of each month is City Daily Photo’s Theme Day, and March’s Theme is “Electricity.” If you like to do armchair traveling, please check out the City Daily Photo blogs – you will see some amazing sights. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants in this month’s theme day.

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to City Daily Photo – Electricity

  1. Buck says:

    The neon is so… so… well, electric. really like this one!

  2. Leif Hagen says:

    A colorful, fun photo for ELECTRICITY theme day, S of A!

  3. A wonderul photo Susie, and this is a fascinating blog- I shall investigate more…

    Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave

  4. Grace says:

    There’s a lot of electricity happening here Susie, great shot for today’s theme!

  5. That’s quite brilliant!!!

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