Jeddah at Dusk

This is another shot taken at dusk from the rooftop of our building. I’d like to draw your attention to the center of the photo where you can see a tall building with a large graphic visible on one side. This is the brand new Kings Road Tower, which sports the world’s largest LED advertising screens on three sides of the building. Rising up 37 floors, it houses both commercial corporate offices and luxury shops, two restaurants and a health club, as well as residential areas. To the west, the building offers stunning views of the Red Sea.
Below is a shot of the Kings Road Tower taken at night as I was zooming by in a car – sorry for the poor quality. To learn more about this amazing addition to Jeddah’s skyline and to see more images: King Road Tower nears completion and YouTube video of Kings Road Tower, Jeddah.


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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2 Responses to Jeddah at Dusk

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    The tower doesn’t blend in with the dusky sky as well as the other buildings.

  2. londoneya says:

    I am enjoying your descriptive photographs and glimpse of Jeddah. 🙂

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