Royal Restaurant Front

Huge images of Saudi royalty adorn the front plate glass windows of this popular restaurant in Jeddah.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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2 Responses to Royal Restaurant Front

  1. Jerry M says:

    I will never understand the large photos of the royal family when the official ideology is to be against imagery. I also wonder why it is on a restaurant.

    • I don’t understand it either, Jerry. The king’s photo is plastered everywhere here, but it’s not because he has ordered this. The king is loved and respected here. Businessmen do this in honor of him and quite possibly to win favor with him. Still to me, it conflicts with their basic religious ideology of idol worship. I don’t pretend to understand why this type of thing is okay, while one of the first things I was told upon my arrival (by my MIL) was that I could not display photos of my family around my own home here and that they needed to be kept out of sight.

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