Hot Apple Seeder

English grammatical and spelling errors are commonly seen around Jeddah on menus, maps, and signage, where of course the native language is Arabic.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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3 Responses to Hot Apple Seeder

  1. rO says:

    But Italian in perfect, at least in this photo!

  2. raaaaaa says:

    You should mention though that those who write the menus are not saudis.. they’re mostly immigrants coming from India, Bangladesh, or the Philippines..English remains the second language in many countries and they are not required to be as fluent in it as its native speakers. btw many many millions of people whose first language is English cannot even say a correct sentence not to mention writing it correctly even if they live in the language’s country for years. (the opposite is tru however for arabis living in foreign countires!!) Look at how newspapers in english countires write arabic words and names!!!!!)… I hate it when a people is teased in its own country while those who are teasing it are surviving from the blessings of that country .. a simple remark could about the mistake could have been more rewarding than spreading it …

    • I don’t know who is writing up these signs and menus, but there are certainly enough native speakers of English and English language centers here in Saudi Arabia where they could run things like this by first before printing them up. Signs are expensive too – one would think more care would be taken. I’m not trying to be disrespectful – I find these things amusing and charming. And FYI, when I see misspellings in my own country, I always contact the newspaper, magazine, or television station to tell them about it. And it does no good…

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