Souk Shopping


Even though lingerie shops are supposed to be staffed by women, there are still plenty of other small shops in souks that employ men in those positions. Since these shops also sell clothing items for men and children too, they are allowed to keep salesmen in these positions.


I’ve seen lots of funny videos lately of people making face masks out of brassieres. Have you seen any?  Hope you all are doing well with this CoronaVirus Twilight Zone we are all living.


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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1 Response to Souk Shopping

  1. Dennis Williams says:

    Wow!  Things have changed since I was there.  I don’t believe bras would have been on display.  The religious police would have had fits. Thanks for the photos.  I still miss Jeddah.

    Khaleef Williams

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