Janadriyah Pics from 2014

Janadriyah is an annual cultural heritage festival celebrating the regions, history, arts, and culture of Saudi Arabia.  It is held in an area on the outskirts of Riyadh for a period of several weeks during the winter months, with many permanent structures and buildings just for the festival. I’ve been able to attend the festival twice and I hope I can again in the future.

I love photos like the top one that shows how friendly and happy Saudi women are.  I think many people have the wrong idea about what Saudi women are really like. I find them to be warm and kind, welcoming and gracious, intelligent and motivated, creative and talented.  I could actually go on and on, as more words keep coming to me to describe them, but you get the idea.   

The gold coin face veil I am holding up in the bottom photo is worn for special occasions, like festivals or weddings.  And it jingles!

If you are interested in seeing a slideshow of lovely scenes from the Janadriyah Festival, just click on the box below.

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