Camel Profiles and Brand

This post shows the wide variation of colors that camels in Saudi Arabia come in. One humped dromedary camels are native to the kindgom.  Camels are brilliantly designed to live in hot desert climates like Saudi Arabia. Thick padding on their knees and chests allows camels to rest comfortably on the hot sand.  They have the capability of completely closing their nostrils during sandstorms, plus they have 3 sets of eyelids and an extra row of eyelashes to keep blowing sand out of their eyes.  Their thick but pliable lips give them access to thorny desert plants for nourishment, which are inaccessible to other creatures. 

Contrary to popular belief, camel humps do not store water – the humps store fat which enable them to go for months without other nourishment. Camels can run as fast as 40 miles an hour! The gestation period is 14 months. Branding with a hot iron is common, but spray paint branding is also done. The Arabic word for camel that I am familiar with is “jamel,” but there are more than 160 different terms for camel in Arabic! 

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