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Tea Time

I was captivated when I saw these beautiful and colorful tea and coffee sets in a store window at a mall. Complete with pots, cups, saucers, serving trays and a collapsible stand, these whimsical beverage collections (service for twelve) come … Continue reading

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This is the entrance to a lovely tea shop/restaurant called Teayana. There are several locations in Jeddah. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited three so far. Aside from their large selection of teas and gift items, they also have … Continue reading

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CDP Theme Day: Red

This was the setting for an outdoor gathering I recently attended at a friend’s home. She was hosting a group for dinner as part of the itinerary of the Sacred Caravan, an organized tour for mostly American Muslims making Umrah, … Continue reading

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Tea at Night

These two men were sitting outside a bedding shop. They each have a mug of tea, a very popular drink here in Saudi Arabia. Note the thermos on the ground, ready for refills. These men look as though they are … Continue reading

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Saudi Parlor

The Saudi homes that I have been in all have very elegant and formal parlors. All homes have at least two separate parlors for entertaining – one for men guests and the other for women guests. Many homes also have … Continue reading

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Friendly Employee

Many lower level service positions in Saudi Arabia are filled by ex-pat workers from other poorer countiries in the world. Most that we have had contact with have been very helpful, friendly and certainly customer service oriented. This photo is … Continue reading

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My World: Roasted Corn Vendor

In the mountains of Taif, Saudi Arabia, we stopped at this Egyptian man’s road side stand, where he sold fresh fruits and vegetables, and freshly roasted corn. He had quite a fire going on his makeshift roaster. Some of the … Continue reading

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Taif’s Le Meridien Hotel Lobby

Taif’s Le Meridien Hotel sits atop a mountain overlooking the city. It’s quite a beautiful hotel and offers accomodations ranging from single rooms to 3 bedroom villas, with regular rates ranging from 340 SR to 1360 SR (about $85 to … Continue reading

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Colorful Hookah Pipes

These colorful glass hookah water pipes sit in the window of a small shop that sells everything one needs to smoke “Hubbly Bubbly” at home, from the aromatic fruity flavored moist tobaccos, to the fancy velvet hoses and wooden mouthpieces. … Continue reading

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Old World Charm

This is a seating area in a lovely restaurant in Jeddah. The ambience is warm, comfortable, and inviting. On the night we were there to eat dinner with a new friend, we ended up spending six hours enjoying our meal … Continue reading

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