This piece of art was part of a display of the Young Saudi Artists group, which recently had an exhibition at the Athr Gallery in Jeddah. To see more of the unique and interesting art that was featured, please see this post on my other blog, Susie’s Big Adventure.

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Our World: Red Okay if Not Valentine’s Day

Normally you can see this type of merchandise in shops all over Saudi Arabia, but in February of each year around Valentine’s Day, there is a ban on selling items such as this. This year alone, religious police arrested over 140 people for celebrating Valentine’s Day. The religious police have historically banned products that come in red – such as roses, teddy bears, lingerie, heart shaped chocolate boxes, etc. – in an effort to prevent people from expressing their love for one another on this pagan holiday. I have written more about this subject on my other blog, Susie’s Big Adventure, in these posts: Valentine’s Day Massacre and Happy Valentine’s Day…or Not!
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Incense at Storefront

You can see huge incense burners like these outside many stores and shops in Jeddah. Usually there are smaller incense burners on top of ones like these where the incense is burned. People like to stop by and wave the smoke into their clothing. Many Saudi homes also have incense burning as well.

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Safe Hotel


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Sleep High

This is a chain of mattress outlets here in Jeddah. The business name is … interesting!

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SkyWatch: Huge Complex

Today’s photos are of a huge complex that is being built near downtown Jeddah. The above photo shows a part of the project which is still under construction. The photo below shows another part of the project which shows what the finished product will look like when it is complete. I’m not whether this enormous complex will house offices or what, but it will certainly be an attractive addition to the area.

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Skywatch Friday

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Rafting at the Mall

Most large malls here in Jeddah have full scale family entertainment centers. The Mall of Arabia’s play area includes a rock climbing wall, various rides, water rafting, and a soon to be open Snow Village. There are not many activities that families can do together in Saudi Arabia – they cannot attend sporting events or go to the movies together – so malls rank very high on the list for family entertainment.

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