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Signs in Saudi Arabia

Outside a local mosque in a busy area of town, I noticed this sign telling congregants to leave their shoes outside the mosque before entering for prayers.  The cubby holes are for shoes, however during prayer times I have seen … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia Sans Abaya

I see more and more women walking around without abayas now.  As long as women are appropriately covered, the abaya doesn’t have to be the “uniform” of women when out in public nowadays.  The religious police are no longer a … Continue reading

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Jeddah Variety of Women’s Wear

Saudi women generally pray at home. Usually they put on a prayer dress on top of what they are wearing. The prayer dress is a loose long simple dress that extends down to the floor, has long sleeves, a high … Continue reading

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Friendly Saudi Women

from Blogger http://susieofarabia.blogspot.com/2020/05/friendly-saudi-women.html

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Scenes from the Souk

from Blogger http://susieofarabia.blogspot.com/2020/05/scenes-from-souk.html

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Shopping for Veils at the Souk

While most Saudi women who wear the face veil called “niqab” usually wear black,  they do come in a variety of colors.  I once ran into a friend of mine who was wearing all pink – a pink face veil, … Continue reading

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Redhead in the Mall

Taken one day in the mall a few months ago, this photo shows a couple of Saudi women walking by with a red headed little girl. The women are wearing the type of ultra conservative all black abaya that is … Continue reading

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Prayer on the Red Sea

It’s late afternoon and low tide on the Red Sea. This couple is standing at the base of the Floating Mosque, which is on the Red Sea in Jeddah. At high tide they would not be able to stand where … Continue reading

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A Surprise Catch

This is something you thought you might not ever see – a veiled Saudi woman clad in her black abaya fishing with her children. I snapped this photo in the late afternoon in a busy area of Jeddah’s Corniche, the … Continue reading

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Mall Mural: SellingĀ Fruit

Two women draped in the traditional black abaya (cloak), hijab (head scarf) and niqaab (face veil) sit on the ground selling fruit in this painting. I’m guessing that the men in this picture are coming out of a mosque and … Continue reading

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