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CDP Theme Day and OurWorld: Bakeries

Saudis love their sweets. There are many more bakeries and sweets shops here in Jeddah than I am used to seeing in the states. Whenever Saudis receive guests in their homes, the guests are always offered drinks and sweets. City … Continue reading

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IMC – Lovely Hospital in Jeddah

This is an exterior shot of the beautiful International Medical Center (IMC) in Jeddah. It was designed by famed Saudi architect Sami Angawi. The interior is as lovely as the exterior.

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SkyWatch: Yellow Mosque

I’ve never seen a mosque such a bright color as this one! This is a brand new mosque near downtown Jeddah. I’m guessing that it was built by a businessman who also built the matching colored apartment building behind and … Continue reading

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Minaret Topper Shop

Mosques are distinctive by their minarets. Most minarets are topped off with a crescent moon shape, which has come to symbolize Islam. The crescent moon plays an important role in the religion. The sighting of the new crescent moon with … Continue reading

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This piece of art was part of a display of the Young Saudi Artists group, which recently had an exhibition at the Athr Gallery in Jeddah. To see more of the unique and interesting art that was featured, please see … Continue reading

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Incense at Storefront

You can see huge incense burners like these outside many stores and shops in Jeddah. Usually there are smaller incense burners on top of ones like these where the incense is burned. People like to stop by and wave the … Continue reading

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Safe Hotel


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