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Family Entertainment Area in Mall

Saudi Arabia is abundant in huge ultra-modern mega malls, with worldwide chainstores, movie theaters, food courts, and entertainment areas.  Like everywhere else in the world, malls are a big attraction here on weekends and during the hot summer months. from … Continue reading

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Rafting at the Mall

Most large malls here in Jeddah have full scale family entertainment centers. The Mall of Arabia’s play area includes a rock climbing wall, various rides, water rafting, and a soon to be open Snow Village. There are not many activities … Continue reading

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That’s Entertainment

With no theaters allowed in Saudi Arabia due to the strict Islamic interpretation of gender segregation, home entertainment in the form of satellite television is a must for every household. Depending on the originating country of the channels, some shows … Continue reading

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Lots of Satellite Dishes

Everywhere you look here in Jeddah you can see countless satellite dishes. Even the simplest and poorest of dwellings are not without them. Since there are no movie theaters to speak of in Saudi Arabia and not many activities for … Continue reading

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Our World: Arab Idol

A new hit TV show here in the Middle East is Arab Idol – the Middle East’s version of Britain’s wildly successful Pop Idol. Men and women from a variety of Arab countries, such as Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, and … Continue reading

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MyWorld: Veiled Artist on TV

Even after almost three years here in Saudi Arabia, it’s still jolting for me to go out to a mall or grocery shopping, and just about all the women I see are wearing black veils covering their faces. I just … Continue reading

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Satellite Dishes

Satellite television is very popular in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a small government owned broadcasting network that offers a handful of channels of programming that produce various talk shows (many of them focused on religion), … Continue reading

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The Simpsons in Arabic

Many American TV shows are shown via satellite in Saudi Arabia, and lots of the shows have Arabic sub-titles. Here you can see Bart Simpson with the Arabic sub-titles. Also, many American or British commericials are dubbed over with Arabic … Continue reading

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Ramadan TV: Tash ma Tash

“Tash ma Tash” (meaning “No Big Deal”) is the name of a very popular TV comedy show which runs exclusively during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. It is shown right after Iftar, the meal at sundown when the fast is broken. … Continue reading

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MyWorld: Water Park

This is part of a water park for kids that is visible above the high wall from the outside on Sultan Street. Women and teenaged girls are of course not allowed to swim, but children and teenaged boys can swim … Continue reading

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