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Gold Salesman in Saudi Arabia

Gold is sold by weight here in Saudi Arabia – design doesn’t really matter as far as the price goes. Gold is almost always given to Saudi brides and is commonly found in 18K, 21K, or 24K.

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CDP Theme Day: Photo of the Year 2010

It’s always hard choosing a favorite photo, especially now with digital affording us so many more possibilities to choose from. My pick for my favorite photo that I took in 2010 was this one – a very simple shot taken … Continue reading

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Men’s Scarf Shop

There are many small shops like this one here in Jeddah that sell men’s traditional clothing and accessories. These ghutras (all white) and shemaghs (red and white) come in various sizes and designs. The igal (black hoop) worn on top … Continue reading

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Mall Mural: Merchant

This painting is of an obviously wealthy Middle Eastern merchant. It is part of a group of lovely wall murals. The man depicted in the painting wears a turban, which many men in Saudi Arabia do, however the most common … Continue reading

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MyWorld: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in Arabic

I thought you might like to see this – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in Arabic here in Saudi Arabia. This is a contestant on the show. The set, the music, the audience, the suspense, and the way the … Continue reading

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Waiting on the Sidewalk

Many small businesses here conduct their business out on the streets, drumming up business, negotiating on the price, etc. This man who is wearing the traditional clothing of Saudi men is waiting for customers in an area of the city … Continue reading

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Roadside Stand

There are roadside fruit and vegetable stands everywhere in Jeddah. You can just pull over and buy fresh tomatoes or cucumbers without having to go into a store or even getting out of the car if you don’t want to. … Continue reading

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