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CDP Theme Day: Graffiti

There is some graffiti that I actually like and that I would call art, but the majority of the graffiti here in Jeddah is not what I would consider art at all. It’s crude, unimaginative, and a nuisance. And it … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Graffiti Wall of Love

A lot of the graffiti here in Jeddah (and there is a LOT!) looks very amateurish and sloppy. Despite that, I like the whimsical and romantic nature of the graffiti in this photo, and I also like that’s it’s partly … Continue reading

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Red Sea Graffiti

With the brilliant turquoise of the Red Sea in the background, this low wall sports a variety of graffiti – which I think detracts from the natural beauty of this location along the Corniche in Jeddah. There is graffiti everywhere … Continue reading

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MyWorld: Graffiti Wall

Saudi Arabia is not immune to the worldwide phenomenon of graffiti. Well, That’s My World for this week! That’s My World! offers a unique glimpse at life all over our planet. Take a peek at other people’s lives from all … Continue reading

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Out for a Walk

You don’t see many women out walking here in Jeddah, especially in the hotter summer months. For me it’s just too hot and stifling in the black abaya and head covering. I don’t know how the women do it with … Continue reading

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My World: Graffiti Backdrop

The amount of graffiti in Saudi Arabia is astronomical. You can take a drive to practically anywhere and see graffiti. Even in the less populated mountainous areas, graffiti has been added to the rocks and walls. Private villas are tattooed … Continue reading

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Graffiti is in Arabia too

  Like everywhere in the world, there is graffiti here in Arabia too. You can see it on walls and buildings throughout the city, both in Arabic and in English.

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