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Decorative Cover

This piece in a housewares shop caught my eye.  I love the detailing.  It is some type of large serving piece that has its own stand. from Blogger http://susieofarabia.blogspot.com/2020/04/decorative-cover.html

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SkyWatch: In the Ghetto

Jeddah is a modern city with lots of new construction everywhere, but the city also has some very old and rundown areas as well. Many of the poor foreign workers live in places like this. Though you can’t see them … Continue reading

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Palace Shade

I’m not sure if this is an actual palace or not, but it certainly appears to be one. I’ve never seen such a huge awning built over an outdoor space for a residence before. Most private villas here have some … Continue reading

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Saudi Old-Style Seating

The old-style seating arrangements in Saudi Arabia consist of upholstered cushions which are placed on the floor and lined up along the walls and the center of the room is left completely open. Cushions are also placed standing up along … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Not far from the extravagant palaces and the spacious tiled villas of Jeddah, lives a Sudanese camel herder named Hussan. He is a content man with simple needs and very limited means. This is where he lives. The harsh climate … Continue reading

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Detailed Home Decor

I love the elaborately painted details on this small table and the footstool next to it, as well as the carved out design on both of them. Seems to be more Moroccan design than Middle Eastern.

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Residential Building Construction

Most of the multi-family residential buildings in Jeddah are built in a similar fashion. I’ve compared them to long train cars lined up side by side lengthwise and stacked several traincars high. The only variations might be how many floors … Continue reading

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