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SkyWatch: Yellow Mosque

I’ve never seen a mosque such a bright color as this one! This is a brand new mosque near downtown Jeddah. I’m guessing that it was built by a businessman who also built the matching colored apartment building behind and … Continue reading

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Minaret Topper Shop

Mosques are distinctive by their minarets. Most minarets are topped off with a crescent moon shape, which has come to symbolize Islam. The crescent moon plays an important role in the religion. The sighting of the new crescent moon with … Continue reading

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Accidents and Prayers

When I snapped this photo as I was passing by in a vehicle, I didn’t realize what I had captured until I got home and uploaded it onto the computer. The sculpture in this photo is one of the more … Continue reading

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Lighted Mosque Minaret

I have featured many mosque minarets on this blog (I have a “thing” for them), but I don’t believe I have ever seen one like this one before – the pointed top section is totally illuminated from the inside.

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Islamic Boardgame for Children

“The Path” bills itself as the “best game ever made for Muslim children.” It combines the mechanics of a board game with trying to teach children about Islam and Islamic family values. It seems to be similar to the Game … Continue reading

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Jeddah Street Prayers

These men are laborers in an industrial part of Jeddah. There is always one man who stands in front of the group to lead the prayer and the others follow. Notice the red prayer rugs/carpets they are standing on which … Continue reading

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Men’s & Women’s Prayer Rooms Sign

This is a large temporary sign on a banner indicating the location of the men’s and women’s prayer rooms in a local mall here in Jeddah. I’m fond of the figures used to distinguish men from women on this sign. … Continue reading

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