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Public Prayer Rug

If one is observant when walking around the city, it is easy to spot rolled up prayer rugs outside of businesses in public, waiting to be used for the next prayer by whoever wants to use it.   from Blogger http://susieofarabia.blogspot.com/2020/04/public-prayer-rug.html

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Our World: Closed for Prayers

In Saudi Arabia, all businesses are required to close for at least 1/2 hour when it is prayer time. There are five prayer times each day. Many businesses are open in the morning and then close all afternoon, opening up … Continue reading

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Prayer on the Red Sea

It’s late afternoon and low tide on the Red Sea. This couple is standing at the base of the Floating Mosque, which is on the Red Sea in Jeddah. At high tide they would not be able to stand where … Continue reading

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Wheelchair and Prayer

With Jeddah’s beautiful Floating Mosque and the gentle rolling Red Sea before him, this man in a wheelchair listened to his portable radio which was playing the melodic voice of an adhan calling the prayers.

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Accidents and Prayers

When I snapped this photo as I was passing by in a vehicle, I didn’t realize what I had captured until I got home and uploaded it onto the computer. The sculpture in this photo is one of the more … Continue reading

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Islamic Boardgame for Children

“The Path” bills itself as the “best game ever made for Muslim children.” It combines the mechanics of a board game with trying to teach children about Islam and Islamic family values. It seems to be similar to the Game … Continue reading

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Jeddah Street Prayers

These men are laborers in an industrial part of Jeddah. There is always one man who stands in front of the group to lead the prayer and the others follow. Notice the red prayer rugs/carpets they are standing on which … Continue reading

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