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Kellogg’s All Bran in Arabic

I love seeing familiar American products incorporated with the Arabic script, don’t you?

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Arabic Product Packaging

I just thought you might be interested to see how some typical American products are packaged for sale in Saudi Arabia. Written in both Arabic and English, the product name, description, and directions (below) are clearly marked. We have bought … Continue reading

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Colorful Market Bins

Many markets here offer bulk seeds, nuts, and spices, and the prices are considerably less than what you might pay for the same in the states. I liked the colorful bins filled with the equally colorful products in this photo.

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Still a Deal

I liked this display of colorful packs of gum. The price for a pack of five slices is one Saudi Riyal, which is equivalent to about 25 cents US. I think that’s a bit less than what a pack of … Continue reading

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Don’t Look!

These two boxes of hair color caught my eye in the window of a bath and beauty shop. I’ve seen many products like this with women’s faces scribbled out with big black markers, but I hadn’t really seen any censored … Continue reading

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For Kids

This aisle in a large supermarket in Jeddah houses children’s items, like school lunchboxes with images of Barbie, Snow White, and Winnie the Pooh on them. There are also Cinderella plates, Barbie hangers, Power Ranger books, and Batman cups. As … Continue reading

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