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Beautiful Qurans

Last week I featured some beautiful stands made specifically for reading the Quran (or Koran), the holy book of Islam. Today’s photos were taken in the same shop. They are beautiful Korans that come in a variety of colors decorated … Continue reading

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Koran Stands #JDP

I saw these Koran stands in a stationary store here in Jeddah.  I’ve seen them before but not such a wonderful selection of them.  They come in a variety of sizes. The taller floor stands above are very similar to … Continue reading

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Islamic Boardgame for Children

“The Path” bills itself as the “best game ever made for Muslim children.” It combines the mechanics of a board game with trying to teach children about Islam and Islamic family values. It seems to be similar to the Game … Continue reading

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Saudi Flag Verse Decal

Religion permeates practically every aspect of life here in Saudi Arabia. It is not uncommon to see verses from the Quran on business literature, as art hung in homes or as public art on display, or in advertising. Vehicles also … Continue reading

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Koran Cover

The Holy Koran is treated with the utmost respect. When it is placed on a table or flat surface, nothing at all is ever supposed to be placed on top of it because that is considered disrespectful. So quite often, … Continue reading

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Vehicle Decal

Many vehicles here in KSA sport Arabic script decals like this one on the back window of this SUV. This particular decal contains exactly what the flag of Saudi Arabian government bears, however the flag itself has a solid green … Continue reading

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Gold Neckace

Saudi Arabia is famous for its gold souks which offer very high grade gold, often 22 kt. Gold jewelry is sold here by its weight, not by its beauty or its intricate designs. This gold medallion is inscripted with a … Continue reading

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Koran Gateway to Makkah

This large structure extends over eight lanes of traffic plus a wide center highway divider. It is in the shape of an enormous bookstand holding an open book which is the Koran. The large sides of the bookstand are filled … Continue reading

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The Supplication Sculpture

Many of the sculptures in Jeddah have recurrent themes. Religion and the Islamic culture is probably one of the most dominant themes reflected in the city’s public art. Many of the monuments are based on Arabic calligraphy and highlight verses … Continue reading


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My World: Cosmos Sculpture

The Cosmos sculpture is one of the most well-known monuments in Jeddah, partly because it is located on a roundabout at one of the city’s busiest intersections and partly because of its enormous size. Constructed of steel and aluminum, Cosmos … Continue reading

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