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Camel Blends In

I took this photo of a camel in Taif, Saudi Arabia. I was struck by how well he really seems to blend into the landscape, even with the blanket on his hump. This camel is rented out for rides that … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Country Living

These walls surrounding a villa in the countryside caught my eye. It is located in the hills outside of Taif, a mountainous region famous for its agricultural produce. I really wish I could have seen inside. I loved the low … Continue reading

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Baboon Harem

Surrounded by three of his many wives, this silvery colored male baboon appears to really enjoy his position in life! If you look closely, you can see that each of the wives has a baby baboon clinging to her bosom. … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: The Vase

This sculpture of a larger than life vase is not found on the¬†roundabouts of Jeddah, but on a center traffic island in the city of Taif, which is about 100 km from Jeddah.¬†¬† Hopefully you can get an idea of … Continue reading

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Taif Fruit Stand

Taif is an area in Saudi Arabia which is a major agricultural center. Not only are they famous for their beautiful and fragrant pink roses, but Taif also produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables, such as corn, grapes, apples, … Continue reading

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My World: Dinosaurs

During our recent trip to the resort city of Taif, we paid a visit to the Taif Zoo. It’s a small zoo but has a nice collection of well cared for animals, including a bear, crocodile, elephant, and of course, … Continue reading

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These three young boys had a ball taking turns at the wheel of this ATV in a picnic area in the mountains of the resort town of Taif, Saudi Arabia. There were trails all over and many options available for … Continue reading

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Pony Ride

Pony Rides only 10 riyals! (about $2.50 US) I’m so happy with this photo, even though it was taken – of course – from a moving car! This little brown and white pony is all dressed up and ready to … Continue reading

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Taif’s Bountiful Fruits Sculpture

Taif is a major farming community in Saudi Arabia, located about 100 km from Jeddah. The terrain is similar to Arizona, quite rocky and mountainous, with similar vegetation as well, even down to the prickly pear cactus. Taif can grow … Continue reading

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