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Jeddah Skies

To  visit MORE friendly skies around the world, fly on over to SKYWATCH  where you’ll find beautiful skies posted by bloggers all over the world. from Blogger http://susieofarabia.blogspot.com/2020/04/jeddah-skies.html

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SkyWatch: Dusty Days

This year the wind and resulting dust storms have been the absolute worst and the windy season has lasted much longer than it has since I moved here in 2007. Hospitals have been filled with people suffering from asthma or … Continue reading

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Skywatch: Dust Storm

This time of year the dust storms in Jeddah can be awful. On a normal day you would be able to see a mountain range in the distance. Jeddah has been plagued by high winds and dust storms for about … Continue reading

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Rare Umbrella Sighting

It hardly ever rains here in Jeddah, but this past week, there has been rain on several days. In fact I don’t recall ever seeing anyone using an umbrella until I saw this guy out the window of our apartment. … Continue reading

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Fruit Stand

There are many small fresh produce stands outdoors like this one in Jeddah. It’s a little surprising that in the severe heat, fresh products survive being outdoors. Much of the produce comes from the fertile lands in the region, like … Continue reading

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Made in the Shade

During break times from work, hard laborers try to head for a place with shade to get out of the blazing sun here in Saudi Arabia. It’s not uncommon to see these workers congregated underneath large trucks or flatbeds like … Continue reading

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Cloudy Skies

We got more rain in Jeddah in November and December than we have in the entire two years I have been living here. Cloudy skies and rain just aren’t that common here. I liked seeing these clouds this day… (sigh)

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SkyWatch: Deadly Rains

Last week, Jeddah experienced torrential rains in the period of just a few hours which caused severe flooding and chaos in the city. In the two years that I have lived here, rain has been a very rare occurrence and … Continue reading

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Lifting the Skirt

When out in public, proper Saudi men and women dress modestly, wearing loose floor length clothing that doesn’t reveal their legs or body forms. But when it rains and there are big puddles, what to do? As this man demonstrates, … Continue reading

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When It Rains, It Pours

Rain is a rarity here in Jeddah, so yesterday when it came down in buckets, areas of the city were immersed in rain water. I would estimate that in some places, the water had to be close to three feet … Continue reading

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