My World: Fair Warning

When one travels to another country, it’s advisable to be aware of that country’s laws, culture, and customs. Before the plane lands in Saudi Arabia, flight attendants distribute a Landing/Entry Card for visitors to fill out and present to immigration officials. The stark warning towards the top in red letters is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine: WARNING – DEATH FOR DRUG TRAFFICKER. Saudi Arabia has very strict laws and harsh punishments regarding anyone attempting to bring in or in the possession of illegal items such as drugs, alcohol, or pornography.
The US Department of State website explicitly states:
Persons violating Saudi Arabian laws, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, imprisoned or even executed. Suspects may be detained without charges or legal counsel, and with limited consular access, for months during the investigative stage of criminal cases. Penalties for the import, manufacture, possession, and consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs in Saudi Arabia are severe. Convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences, heavy fines, public floggings, and/or deportation. The penalty for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia is death. Saudi officials make no exceptions. Customs inspections at ports of entry are thorough. The U.S. Embassy and Consulates General have no standing in Saudi courts to obtain leniency for an American convicted of alcohol or drug offenses. Engaging in sexual conduct with children or using or disseminating child pornography in a foreign country is a crime, prosecutable in the United States.
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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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27 Responses to My World: Fair Warning

  1. alyaba says:

    could you imagine what kind of effect this would have on the drug industry if this was implemented in america, specially on the US Mexican border side of things.

  2. Pretty Project says:

    That is extremely frightening!

  3. Dustin says:

    Wow… fair warning I guess? That will make you question whether you really need those painkillers…

  4. Anjum says:

    great blog, but if you had more pictures and less text I think your blog would be waaay more interesting to read and to see. Just a friendly advice, and you don’t have to listen to the advice.:)

    • The Brain says:

      The saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words rings true’ but imagine overloading this post with many pictures. It will lessen the significance of the meaning so it depends on how you use it.

    • I appreciate the input, but this post has more text than I usually write. I really don’t think I write excessive text on this blog very often. If you look back, you will see.

  5. All I can imagine is during customs someone is caught with drugs and they shoot the person on the spot. No Questions or explanations needed; should had understand our 4X4 card Land Entry.

  6. jewaira says:

    I believe that is fair warning.

    Drug trafficking is a serious offense and despite the warning, many people (especially the young) are at risk of dying from overdoses particularly here in the Gulf states in recent years.

    If you are on medication, you should always carry your prescription with you anyway when traveling. That’s just common sense.

  7. Yogi says:

    Well you read about such things but for some reason it is always a shock when you see such a warning.

  8. bdwolverine says:

    the saudi government can be very strict when it comes to such things like drugs, prostitution, rape, religious violations. there are hard core islamic laws violating which can be critical. \m/

    oh yes and also NO HEAVY METAL…………

  9. And in Chile it’s all about fruits and vegetables.

  10. Scary stuff. Some painkillers sold over the counter in Europe fall foul of drug trafficking rules too I understand. Is that correct as far as you know?

  11. ladyfi says:

    Wow – that is SOME warning!

  12. T Fredericks says:

    I can relate. I am on a US Flag container ship that was calling Jubail, Saudia Arabi once a week. We were not allowed to get off the ship there but every time we went there we had to hid anything considered to be porn (even maxim mag is bad ju ju) with the risk of heavy fines if they found anything onboard. Check my post about MUSLIMS AND PORK at


  13. ewakening says:

    What, no box to check ‘transgender’ in the sex category? I guess Saudi Arabia is homophobic too.

  14. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: Now that would be some good information to have before going into your world.

  15. and THAT is one reason they can HAVE that part of the world.

  16. echo0220 says:

    Thats definatly harsh. I wonder if there is issues with meds that can be abused…

  17. Geogypsy says:

    Very serious bussiness. No alcohol either?

  18. TEStazyk says:

    Enjoy your visit! Singapore and Malaysia have the same message on their entry cards and I can’t remember if it is Kuala Lumpur or Singapore but one of them used to have a mannequin hanging (by the neck) in the baggage claim with a sign saying “This is you if you are trafficking in drugs.”

    • Tuttie says:

      oh man! I would have peed on myself just looking at the mannequin. Dang. I get it!

      It also reminded me of those commercials, this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs *smash.

  19. Scary, but I would bet that it’s effective! Another interesting look at your world, Susie! I do hope you had a great visit to the northwest and hope your family is well!

    Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!


  20. Carver says:

    That is a very clear and stark warning. The scary part would be if someone was innocent and caught up unkowingly but I guess that’s true in the U.S. too. Sadly it seems like people often end up having to prove their innocence no matter where they are.

  21. Sistertex says:

    That’s one way to cut down on drug trafficing! Serious business.

    Thanks for sharing with us, very interesting!

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