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Watermelons in the Street

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The Thobemaker

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SkyWatch: First Quarter Moon

I love photos taken at this time of the evening, when there is still a bit of light and the sky almost seems to be lit up in various colors. I have always been intrigued by the moon and its … Continue reading

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Not Something You’d Expect to See…

I enjoy posting images of normal things that people around the world may not necessarily expect to see in a strict Islamic country like Saudi Arabia. While there are many times I may feel that having fun here seems to … Continue reading

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Compound Living

The safety of foreigners here in Saudi Arabia has been a priority since the American Consulate in Jeddah was attacked several years ago. Residential compounds, where many foreign workers are housed, especially have tightened security measures. Armed guards, security check … Continue reading

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My World: Roasted Corn Vendor

In the mountains of Taif, Saudi Arabia, we stopped at this Egyptian man’s road side stand, where he sold fresh fruits and vegetables, and freshly roasted corn. He had quite a fire going on his makeshift roaster. Some of the … Continue reading

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Henna Bearded Old Man

This is another example of a man’s beard that has been hennaed and is fading as it grows out. You can see the gray hair of the beard closer to the face at the roots. The man wears the very … Continue reading

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Just Hanging Around

This is a pretty common sight here in Saudi Arabia. Men hanging out all over the place on the streets, and rarely a woman in sight, except if you go to the malls or supermarkets. Many times when I accompany … Continue reading

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More Censorship

Strict censorship is alive and well here in Saudi Arabia. Morality of the citizens here is of the utmost importance and measures are in place to ensure that people behave impeccably, although despite all the enforcement efforts, sometimes people fall … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Country Living

These walls surrounding a villa in the countryside caught my eye. It is located in the hills outside of Taif, a mountainous region famous for its agricultural produce. I really wish I could have seen inside. I loved the low … Continue reading

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