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Hookah Pipe Bases

“Hubbly Bubbly” or “sheesha” are two other terms used for smoking the popular hookah pipes in Saudi Arabia. Some of the hookah bases in this photo have multiple bowls where different flavors of tobacco can go. Some pipes come with … Continue reading


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Red Sea Graffiti

With the brilliant turquoise of the Red Sea in the background, this low wall sports a variety of graffiti – which I think detracts from the natural beauty of this location along the Corniche in Jeddah. There is graffiti everywhere … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: China Town in Jeddah

This is a brand new mall in Jeddah that has not quite opened yet. It was interesting watching the progress of it being built and how the Oriental style developed. I’m hoping there will be a few good Chinese restaurants … Continue reading

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Greepfruit Receipt

This is just another cute misspelling that caught my eye on a receipt for some grapefruit (spelled “greepfruit”) that we had purchased from the supermarket. Food prices here are generally considerably cheaper than in the USA. This receipt shows that … Continue reading

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Al-Sholla Sculpture (The Flame)

This Jeddah sculpture is called Al-Sholla, which is Arabic for The Flame. It is located on a traffic island in the center of Jeddah. Unfortunately I do not have any further information about this sculpture, but it seems to be … Continue reading

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MyWorld: Beautiful Teapots

These are tea/coffee pots – the one on the left is the traditionally shaped Arabian coffee pot with the large oversized pouring spout that is usually made of some kind of metal, maybe brass or some alloy. I had never … Continue reading

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Big Fish

I’m thinking that this is near the entrance to a nice seafood restaurant. Either that or a place for fishing excursions… My husband didn’t know either – we have never been inside the grounds. But it does sit right on … Continue reading

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Marble Sphere Sculpture

I have no information on this gorgeous marble sphere located on Jeddah’s Red Sea walkway stretch called the Corniche. Jeddah is home to the largest public outdoor art museum in the world. There are hundreds of sculptures, many created by … Continue reading

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Shoeses for Ladies

Another cute sign with misspelled and grammatically incorrect English here in Saudi Arabia.

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Bronze Windows

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