Islamic Boardgame for Children

“The Path” bills itself as the “best game ever made for Muslim children.” It combines the mechanics of a board game with trying to teach children about Islam and Islamic family values. It seems to be similar to the Game of Life, except without the religious aspect. From “Start” to “End,” players attain their education, secure jobs so they can purchase material things like cars, homes, trips, electronics, and jewelry, get married and have children (the more the better), and try to collect as many good deeds as possible. The good deeds include things like daily prayers, being patient, using good manners, obeying parents, memorizing the Koran, repenting, respecting elders, fasting, performing Hajj, and lowering your gaze – there are a total of 28 good deeds. The graphics of the game are written in both English and Arabic. Here is the link for the Path’s website.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Islamic Boardgame for Children

  1. Aalimah says:

    How can this board game be purchased?

  2. Dina says:

    This is so interesting, especially what you write about the good deeds.

    But the game seems to be geared toward material aspirations not so realistic in many communities.

    • Hi Dina – I was quite surprised about the emphasis on material things as well. Somehow it just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with a religious game… although I guess these things are seen as rewards for good deeds. But then again, I have always been told that getting into heaven is the reward they are all working for. I think it’s a mixed message and a bit confusing.

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