Gas Prices in Saudi Arabia

Leif – this is for you.
Ok, to convert this into US Dollars and Gallons for you, here goes: Roughly 4 Litres equals 1 Gallon, and 1 Saudi Riyal is equal to 26 cents US. So, on the Left – 13.50 in Saudi Riyals is equal to $3.60 US. 30 Litres is equal to 7.9 Gallons. 0.45 Saudi Riyals is equal to about $ 0.12 US. And on the Right – 46.01 SR = $12.27 US. 76.68 Litres = 20.25 Gallons. So basically, for $3.60 US, you would get almost 8 Gallons of gas; and for $12.27 US, you would get over 20 Gallons of gas.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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32 Responses to Gas Prices in Saudi Arabia

  1. nqoba says:

    Price prices are killing us in South Africa.The price of litre is now R17 for the first time. Our biggest problem our neighboring countries are buy fuel from South Africa , it is way cheaper to those countries.

  2. Shelly says:

    This is Saudi it’s filthy, the prices of canned food and boxed is more than American prices the only things that are cheaper are filled with bugs and almost rotten. Everything is given dirty including eggs if you want that quality we have it here it’s called the farmers market. Which is where you have to shop but worse. Why pretend it’s all good when you know Susie ? If your lucky you might go 6 months without having to throw your macaroni due to bugs. We have quality control here. There are some things in Saudi I like but right now your not being honest at all.

    • Shelly – What is your problem? What are you talking about? This post is about gas prices in KSA – and you are ranting about macaroni and eggs and saying that I am not being honest. What exactly am I not being honest about? Get a life.

  3. I have seen it and I want to cry … living in spain 😥

  4. M N says:

    If you are living in USA, Canada, or Europe this is the price of one liter 95 in Saudi Arabia (16 US cent), the world price is 60 Cents for one liter, if you pay a penny more know that you get stolen by your own politicians on behalf of some filthy masonic bankers (for their masonic plan to dominate the world) who hire those politicians in the first place to rob your wealth and kick you out of your homes.

  5. Aidan says:

    Try living in Europe – Ireland to be precise – gripped in a recession and paying the equivalent of $7.00 a gallon where the euro to dollar income is so much less than the folks accross the pond.

    • Hi Aidan – I’ve seen comparisons of different countries and it’s astonishing how many countries in Europe are paying excessive amounts for gasoline! But prices for seemingly everything have gotten so high in America that I don’t know how people can afford to feed their families anymore. Prices here in KSA has risen some, but for the most part, the cost of living still seems much lower here.

  6. Harjit says:

    Sad thing for the Saudi’s is once the oil is gone. What will happen then? They’ll just be a bunchof people in the middle of no where Canada is following in their footsteps. We are exporting so much of our natural resource. Soon the beauty of this country will be in the shitter too. :-(. All for the mighty dollar that is becoming more and more worthless. Canada even stopped making pennies!?!?

    • Hi Harjit – I have thought the same things myself. Saudi Arabia needs to look toward the future and diversify. They also need to tap their number one natural resource that has just been going to waste all these years – WOMEN! Importing male drivers from poor countries to drive around half of the population who are crippled by the ridiculous law prohibiting them from driving adds such a financial burden on families and places women inside cars with unrelated men – totally against all the principles they seem to hold so dear. I have heard rumblings in the US about discontinuing the penny as well, by the way – it costs more to produce now than the penny is worth.

  7. Randy Barney says:

    A lady called in to a KFYI Radio Program on Friday 3/23/2012 from Saudi Arabia. She said she filled her Chevy Suburban with a V8 engine and 33 gallon fuel tank for less than $11.00 US Dollars. She said that it is because they produce the oil in their own country. Also there are no taxes on the gasoline in Saudi Arabia. Amazing, they say we have more oil than Saudi Arabia in one of our areas in the United States but we are not allowed to produce it so we are stuck with $4.00+ per gallon for our fuel.The same Chevy Suburban would cost $132.00 USD to fill it up with fuel imported from Saudi Arabia. Our current administration says it would not reduce gas prices here in the US if we produced our own oil and gas from our own oil fields right here in the US.Someone is lying through their teeth, or maybe they would tax it to the point that it would not reduce the price of gasoline.

    • Hi Randy – The American people are being screwed over in gas prices, healthcare costs including medicine, food prices – you name it. My husband can fill up his SUV here in KSA for about $10 US. My prescription meds here cost what my co-pay was in the states, and I do not have insurance anymore. At the fruit and vegetable market in Jeddah, you can buy about 20 times the amount of herbs for what one little package of fresh herbs costs in the states. My husband’s triple bypass in a gorgeous state-of-the-art hospital here cost a fraction of the cost without insurance that it would have been in the US. It saddens me that most of America doesn’t know any better, but until the people demand answers and demand to be treated with respect and dignity, they will continue to be robbed blind by corporate America.

  8. Jay de Silva says:

    Hey, Do they use LPG (automotive LPG) as a fuel for vehicles in Saudi Arabia? If so, how much is a litre of LPG at the pump?

  9. greg says:

    is it right to work 3 hours 4 q gqllon of gas (5trs) ????

  10. ndidi michael says:

    irony of life, cheap gas expensive drinking water. in the case of nigeria extreamly cheap drinking water, and moderately priced gas.

    • Mr Kim says:

      Old post, but I thought I’d leave a reply for common misunderstanding that water is expensive here in Saudi Arabia – it is not. One 600ml bottle costs 1 Riyal, which is equal to about 27 cents. The fact is that water is cheap here, but gasoline is even cheaper.

  11. Al-ameen says:

    Hahaha! I don’t know how to explain our situation here in world largest OIL EXPORT COUNTRY, leading oil export among OPEC members NIGERIA (wealthy and poverty)

  12. CHRIS says:

    hi from argentina south america here we pay 4.52 us.dolars for a 4itre and the tax for the goverment its a attonishment 72% and we produce it here ! we neary import 5% of methanol from brasil something isnt working , THE GOVERMENT JAJAJAJAJ

  13. Dzordz says:

    In Serbia 1litres,1galon is 3,7 litres,1 litres 1,4 euro it is 2 dolar US,then 1 galon is 5,18 euro ,finaly 1galon cost 7,5 US dolar

  14. Abo Ammar says:

    1 liter = 0.264 US gallons
    1 Saudi Riyal = 0.267 US $

    To convert from Riyals per liter to Dollars per gallon
    multiply the price by the ratio .267/.264 which (almost) equals to one

    Simply put (don’t do any conversions):
    .45 Riyals/liter ~= .45 $/gallon (mid-grade gasoline 91 RON)
    .60 Riyals/liter ~= .60 $/gallon (high-grade gasoline 95 RON)

    & vice-versa
    3.5 $/gallon ~= 3.5 Riyals/Liter

    & yes gas is cheaper than bottled water in Saudi Arabia 🙂

  15. Ammar Tawabini says:


  16. wild heart says:

    do you know that water in Saudi is more expensive?!

  17. Osamah says:

    ^ Thats the reason why i have a big V8 Chevy over here 🙂

  18. Paul says:

    Wow, my a Smart roadster takes at full around 35l, so on my calculation I could fill up for around £2.50 GBP. This being a simple calculation from the $3.60 for 8 gallons, which is slightly over 35l. Mind you I had enough heat and sand as a young man to make me think twice about living in this part of the world.

  19. Sari says:

    I really wish we had the same prices from back home (Saudi) in here (Buffalo, NY) but its better than the prices where I used to live in Canada so thank God for that.

    Gas + insurance + parking = is too much but its better than not having car! 😉

  20. Cynthia says:

    Geez, when the Saudi Princes come to Paris with their shiny Lamborghinis, they must be surprised by the gas prices here! A gallon is usually around 5.50 USD, but then again it’s mostly taxes so my guess is that there are no taxes on gas and it’s maybe even subsidised?

    • Hi Cynthia – Yes, there are no taxes here at all, on anything. I have heard that some food costs are subsidized here, like bread – it’s VERY cheap here.

      • Shelly says:

        The quality is also cheap roads are diasterous the place is completely dirty. You can’t stop at a gasoline station and use the bathroom. There’s so many things that are cheap and they’re exactly that cheap and dirty including the food. It’s not quality.

    • Sari says:

      surprised?!! if they have fancy cars and have the big P* before their names, then the gas prices ain’t nothing to them! 🙂

      *big P = Prince 🙂

  21. diana says:

    Haha yeah, this puts it in perspective.

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