Art in Abha, Saudi Arabia

“T” is for TRIBES – The first king of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud, gained control of the various Tribes of the region, uniting them to form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This mural of him is located in Abha, in the southern part of the country.

“2” distinct types of wall art – Murals and traditional Qatt wall decor in Abha, Saudi Arabia

TALENT – One of my favorite loves is art in almost all forms.  With art being such a huge presence here in the kingdom, I am a happy camper.  Below is a modern art mural of Arabic calligraphy lettering.

Thanks to my friend Piotr Chodakowski for allowing the use of the photos in today’s post.  You can follow Piotr on Instagram – @piotr_ksa


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1 Response to Art in Abha, Saudi Arabia

  1. Amy says:

    Very clever colourful artwork!

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