Parrot Fish

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Parrot fish are abundant in the Red Sea. They get their name from their mouths and teeth, which resemble a parrot’s beak. Parrot fish are mostly found in tropical areas around the world and like to live in shallow coral reefs where they feed on different organisms. I love the gorgeous colors of this fish and it is one of my favorites. In my opinion, it is also one of the best tasting fish available in this region. This market offers fresh parrot fish for about 17 riyals per kilo. A kilo is about 2.2 pounds, so therefore, this fish costs roughly $2 US per pound.

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13 Responses to Parrot Fish

  1. Abigail pirie says:

    Lovely colours but they shouldn’t be eaten though

  2. samiah says:

    its awesome n cool

  3. Parrotfish erode dead coral by biting into it with their beaklike plates at rates of up to 78 bites per minute

  4. Lena says:

    Those are amazing. What colors! They remind me of the colors of the Red Sea itself (at least, around the part of the Red Sea where Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Saudi meet)…

  5. Jerry M says:

    I was familiar with Parrot fish but I had never thought of them as something one could eat. Nice shot.

  6. Puça says:

    I’ve never seen a fish with this colours for sale in the market. They look beautiful, don’t know if I’d eat them although knowing they are delicious..too pretty…

  7. Bill B says:

    We have them at our dock in the Keys. I never heard of anyone eating them. I wonder if ours are a different specie?

    • This is what I got from Wikipedia: Parrotfish are mostly tropical, perciform marine fish of the family Scaridae. Abundant on shallow reefs of the Red Sea, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, the parrotfish family contains ten genera and about 90 species.

  8. Dina says:

    Colored fish in the market?! Something I’ve never seen.
    I wonder if they have them down in Eilat. Thanks for this eye-opener.

  9. Something’s “fishy” about that photo! Beautiful fish, delicious snap!

  10. Grami says:

    That’s really cheap. I sometimes wonder why certain products like beef, fish and green produce are way cheaper in SA than in other parts of the world.

  11. They are very unusual looking. I’ve never seen a fish of that color before.

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