Sunflower Field Fountain Sculpture

Eila Hiltunen (1922-2003) is the female Finnish artist behind this gorgeous sculpture called “Sunflower Fountain,” which is comprised of a very exact non-corrosive grade of stainless steel to resist the harsh effects of the sea and the sun. The base of sculpture is equipped with several misty sprays aimed at the seven cheerful and graceful sunflowers. I have not yet been fortunate enough to ever see the sculpture when the fountain is operating. When I previously posted another photo of this exquisite landmark a while back, I got my information from a book called “Jeddah City of Art.” I have since found out that the book contained some erroneous information. I actually heard from Hiltunen’s son, who informed me that there were actually two female Finnish artists, Hiltunen and Laila Pullinen, who contributed works of art to the city of Jeddah, and not just Hiltunen, as I had previously reported.


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5 Responses to Sunflower Field Fountain Sculpture

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  2. Dina says:

    Beautiful happy sunflowers!
    And your artworks from the previous days are great too.
    It is a surprise when you hear from (or about) the artist herself. That happened to me last week too.

    Hey Susie, today it was my turn to post a camel (albeit one which died a few days ago).

    • Thanks, Dina – I haven’t really heard from any of the actual artists yet, but I have heard from relatives of the artists or from people who actually worked on the projects themselves. It’s really interesting!

  3. leif Hagen says:

    I just marvel at all the outdoor art/sculptures in Jeddah! I can only think of two outdoor sculptures here in town!
    : – (

    • Hi Leif – And believe it or not, I still haven’t photographed all of the sculptures in Jeddah yet! I wish I felt that the sculptures here were appreciated but my feeling is that they are taken for granted. Many have fallen into disrepair or have been graffitied – which is remarkable because of the enormous cost of commissioning them in the first place. I really enjoy going out and photographing these works of art.

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