Inside the Villa Walls

All private villas here in Jeddah have tall walls surrounding them, so it is rare to get a glimpse of what exactly is behind those walls. Oftentimes only the home’s roof is visible from the outside. This villa has a small cool grassy area and room for parking cars. Some villas I have been to have a very small outdoor area which is completely tiled in between the villa and the surrounding walls. Outside the villa’s walls to the left is a vacant lot strewn with unsightly debris and garbage, as many vacant lots here in Jeddah are.

Above is a view of the empty lot next door to the villa. It’s a shame that there are so many empty lots here in Jeddah that are just used as dumping grounds. Many empty lots that I have seen are actually much worse than this one.

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7 Responses to Inside the Villa Walls

  1. Sari Yusuf says:

    A contrast view between ‘beauty’ and the ‘beast’

  2. Bryan says:

    So much sunshine, and regular water, too.

    I would start with alfalfa, rye, and fava – turn that empty lot into an oasis.

  3. Garbage, trash and debris are a Middle East tragedy. I understand that in many cases, cities such as those in Egypt where I am, don’t have the funds to support certain city services such as regular garbage pick up. The very act of living creates trash and people have to put it somewhere. Can they be blamed so much? Yet it’s when you see the wholesale unnecessary littering and careless dropping of tissues, water bottles, juice containers, phone cards, cigarette butts and the like, the sympathy train stops.

    • It’s such a big problem. It’s a matter of taking pride in your surroundings and teaching your children not to litter. It’s depressing to see people just throw trash everywhere here – and I’ve seen parents have their kids do it too. I just don’t get it.

  4. Gaelyn says:

    Such a sharp contrast between the Villa and vacant lot. View from your rooftop?

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